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Rent a Home Mallorca is a modern real estate agency, specialised in high quality long term rentals all over Mallorca. We offer all kinds of properties; penthouses, apartments, houses and country estates. We love helping our clients to find their dream home. Looking for a property to rent? Just let us know what you are looking for - we will gladly show you your new home.

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Rent a Home Mallorca specialise in long term rentals of high quality apartments and houses in great locations island wide. We are one of Mallorca's most modern and progressive real estate agencies - professional, happy and dependable. 

300 days of sun

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and is 110 km by 70 km. Mallorca has a temperate subtropical climate with short, mild winters and long hot summers.

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Thanks for the support

Finding property - especially on an island - means that the effort should be appropriate and shouldn´t cost too much lifetime. Additionally all potential offers and site inspections have to meet the needs at a maximum. I did find both at Rent a Home Mallorca. Thanks for the support and service. For sure I am looking forward to the next cooperation.

Christian Sögtrop

Great properties and a friendly service

As Project Manager for a large yacht racing team, one of the hardest jobs off the boat I face, is accommodating the crew at various locations around the world. Whilst taking part in regattas around Mallorca, Carin and her team at Rent a Home Mallorca have always been able to provide me with great properties and a friendly service.

Tom Wilson

I found what I was looking for

In the spring of 2011, I made the decision to give Mallorca and Palma a chance to become my new place for relaxing and distance working. I was looking for rental properties fitting my criteria and after having contacted several agencies on the island, I chose Carin Isgard and Rent a Home Mallorca as she made a reliable impression and giving me help and advice, when the others were pressuring me to decide. I found what I was looking for with Rent a Home Mallorca and it is mainly thanks to them that I fell in love with Palma and Mallorca, where I still spend a great part of the year. Even if I am no longer their client, I recommend Carin Isgård and Rent a Home Mallorca to all my friends who are interested in renting or buying on the island, and are looking for a serious agent to work with.

Per Engstrand

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